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Any individual or organisation can help with the ongoing development of the Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America by making a financial contribution.

The Fondation de l’Université Laval [Laval University Alumni Foundation] has joined forces with the Encyclopedia, by helping create a fund dedicated collecting financial contributions for the project--the Fonds d’Enseignement et de Recherche de la Faculté des LettresEncyclopédie du Patrimoine Culturel de l’Amérique Française [Arts Faculty Teaching and Research Fund/ Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America Fund].

The names of all donors will be published by the Foundation as a token of appreciation for their generosity.

You can make a donation on line,

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OR  contact Marie-Julie Fortin at the Fondation de l’Université Laval (418-656-2131, extension 4185).

At the end of the tax year, the Foundation will send you an income-tax receipt.


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