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Arthur Villeneuve’s home in its original location in Chicoutimi, in 1964. Still frame taken from a documentary on the artist produced by the NFB.

By Gauthier, Serge

Arthur-Villeneuve House: a Testimony to an Artist’s Life and Work

Visitors to the Musée de la Pulperie de Saguenay are undoubtedly surprised to see painter Arthur Villeneuve's home displayed inside the museum like some piece of artwork. The residence, originally a museum within a house, is filled with pieces by local barber and painter Arthur Villeneuve. The residence-cum-museum was the object of many heated discussions before being established as a remarkable artistic statement. Considered naïve art, or perhaps art in its most basic form, Villeneuve's pieces may at first glance seem traditional or picturesque in origin, but they sometimes reveal a hint of s...

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