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The Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America acknowledges the importance of copyrights, as well as the laws and agreements regulating the distribution of information and multimedia on the Internet in Canada. This is why the Encyclopedia took care to obtain all the mandatory authorizations and to have all the necessary contracts and user licenses written up and duly signed before distributing any documents, articles and multimedia on its website. Whenever possible, the Encyclopedia also provides complete references for the documents that it distributes, so as to allow users—should they so desire it—to locate the original documents and obtain the copy and distribution rights for them.

Therefore, we would like to ask that the users of the Encyclopedia consult the conditions established for the reproduction and distribution of the documents posted on this website, which are to be found in the archives and documentation centres mentioned in the references provided on this site. Since reproduction and distribution agreements are non-transferable, the note “All partial or total reproduction strictly forbidden” that accompanies each of our documents serves to remind users that the documents distributed on the website of the Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America are not exempt from copyright laws, nor from other websites’ conditions for distribution—and furthermore, the site’s documents are not to be used for any other purposes than those granted by the Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America has taken all the necessary steps to authenticate the sources of the documents it circulates and distributes, in order to insure that all the site’s documents are authentic reproductions, as well as to locate the holders of copyrights for these documents, articles and works. Should you believe that a source has not been correctly cited or identified, that a reproduced document is not authentic, or if you believe that you are the copyright holder for a document on the site and you have not been contacted, we would ask you to contact us in writing to the email address posted on the Contact us page (click on the tab located in the menu the top right-hand of the homepage).

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